Saturday, December 22, 2007

Worshipping the Lord.

Son! There are two types of person. The ignorant and the Intelligent. The one who is entangled in the web of attachment ,in Me and Mine- My mother , my father, my son, my wife, my land, my money, my position-the one who is entangled in this me and mine, that jiva is of a dull nature, he is in ignorance. The second type knows that all relationships are false and of a selfish nature, he knows that attachment for the world is useless, because everything is of a momentary and temporary nature and having attachment for the momentary ids nothing but foolishness. Thus the second is free from attachment, is free from me and mine, and thus is ripe for Bhakti.
Look Son! The one Ignorant entangled in attachment of me and mine, always sins (indulges in unwanted activities), because his vision is limited and colored by his attachment. The one who is of intellect becomes free from all sins, because he uses his intellect. He is free from sins and is pure. The heart free from the mud of attachment is the one really fit for serving God, and can get engrossed in him. Ignorance is the mother of all deceit, gives birth to love and hate, and without leaving love and hate mine and thine, one cannot get engrossed in Bhakti.
Bhagvan Purushottam can only be realized by the one with pure intellect, and once he is realized, nothing is left to be achieved. God is omnipotent, so is the one who realizes him, he worships God in every way, he keeps nothing to himself.
Son! Serve God as a Servant. Have faith in him as a Friend. Treat his Leela as your own. Take his refuge sit in his lap as a Son does, Love him as the Gopis did, as a lover has an unfaltering one –pointed devotion. This is worshipping God in every way. Japa, Puja and every act of worship should be directed towards him and him only. A bhakta directs his anger, lust, greed and attachment all towards god and God only.
Son, Bhakti is the Mother of Gyana. Gyana cannot come without Bhakti. Gyana is the fruit of Bhakti only. The feelings of a Bhakta is Brahman his voice is Brahman. Earth, water, fire air and space together with all their modifications all are Brahman only. This is omnipotence. That which exists all is Vasudevamay. When the feeling of I-ness in the body vanishes, then the Gyan of the ultimate shines forth. Then wherever the mind goes, everywhere is SAMADHI.
The eating, sleeping, sitting, talking and everything a Bhakta does he does as Worship only.
Son, all that is perceived, gross or subtle, permeating and encompassing everything Lord Narayana resides. Bhakti is Love, the more it matures the more it grows young and new.
So Son! Worship the Lord, repeat his Name, the Love towards the Lotus feet of The Lord is the best. Belief in Bhakti and the Love for God is the real zist of life.
Look Son God Looks at your feelings only, looks at your intensity and loyalty. The one who takes refuge at the Lotus feet of the Lord with unalloyed devotion even one is bound to receive his grace. The nothing is left to achieve. Lord has many relationships; it is for you to choose.

Important Statement.

In some website it is written that Sri Devraha Baba was 250 years old and was taught khechari Mudra by Some Guru, It is totally False.It has been written with personal interest.Baba was a yogi from Dvapar Yuga, Was one with the ultimate reality, and of the same standing of Sri Mahavatara baba.Another site states his family tree, may I know, which family tree, and what is the autheticity of his research? Do you mean the ageless saint was born out of a human womb? Let him know he had initiated the elder brother of George the Fifth, and his Photograph was in the House of Commons till the 1970s, He had Inititaed a Person in The royal Family of Nepal Twenty one Generations ago.It is there in the Royal Family history, still do you believe in his family tree of a couple of Hundred of Years?! The First President of India Dr. Rajendra Prashad when a Child had Come to see Baba, and had inquired about his age, his Grandfather had replied" Son when I was of your age I had come to see him, he was this old only!!!!!"

Friday, December 21, 2007

Baba an Introduction.

The Life and Teachings of an immortal saint from Gyanganj.
Whose recorded history dated 800 years. A Patanjala Astanga Yoga Siddha Yogi, with an adamantine siddha deha, 
Baba is the direct disciple of Sri Sri 1008 Sri 
Adi Ramanujacharya himself, known in those days as
Achaya Ahobila Prappana one of the prime disciplers of
Lord Ramunajacharya,Some link him with other
Sampradayas saying he is 200 years old and that he
learnt Khechari from some other Guru and so on,
Which is nothing but False.He was known with various 
names throughout the ages, in punjab
 as Swami Sachidananda,
 in Karnataka as Kalpantaka Yogi, Once as Kaljayi, Once as
Amlahawa Baba, He had stopped the animal sacrifice at
 Vaishno Devi and initiated the mother in Vaishnavism
 as Jala baba.After  his Maha- Samadhi his body had
 dissapeared below the Yamuna
 waters and is said to be situated in Gyan Ganj to moniter
 the changes that AD 2010 is going to bring, as within 
Kaliyuga after some calamities all over the world, Satyuga is going to enter Kaliyuga for another 1000 years.
 After Go-Raksha ( Protecting the Cows ) India is going
 to emerge as the World Leader, regaining its long lost glory 
as the "bird of gold"
Baba Believed in Both Nirguna and saguna Brahma.He said it is the
way you look at it and in which bhumi you stand real god is beyond both.
He said the fight between Saguna and Nirguna is just a thousand years old.
According to him Striving to know him is more important than
describing him.
And the best way to know him was repeating his NAME. He used to say the name RAM is like a wood and the Heart is like another 
wood rub the two i.e. 
chant the name and the fire of brahma will 
burn away all darkness.
Here I am going to post the Life and Teachings of
the Emperor of Yogis Sri Sri 1008 Sri Bhramha Tattva Vetta Sri Devraha Baba.